1946: Shortly after his release from captivity, Jean DIEDERICKX, known as Charles, and his wife, Julia, set up their joinery firm. They locate the business in Seraing, Charles’ hometown, on Rue de la Baume.

1955: they relocate to Rue de la Chatqueue, on which they have recently finished building their home and a 180m² factory.

1974: after completing his joinery studies, their son, Jean-François, joins them. At the time, the firm employs 4 joiners.

1981: Jean-François takes over as manager of the business, helped by his wife, Nicole. The business acquires SPRL status, before becoming a S.A. in 1993.

1983: Jean-François designs a fire resistant (SF30) security wooden door. The business specialises in fire protection. Approximately one thousand doors of this kind have been installed in Belgium.

1993: The joinery relocates once more to Rue Paquay, in the former bakery of the Union Coopérative.

Late 1990s: after completing their studies, the sons of Jean-François and Nicole, Maxime and Gilles, also decide to join the family business. The third generation of the family is now involved in running the business.

1998: the company obtains ISO 9002 certification, which applies to the quality and general organisation of the company.  It is the first joinery in Belgium to obtain this certification.

2000: Maxime Diederickx is appointed Managing Director of the company and assists his father in the day-to-day running of the company.

2002: construction of a brand new factory in the zoning de l’Acierie LD, which we currently occupy.

2009: the youngest son, Nathan, joins his parents and brothers.
Throughout its history, the company has developed with professionalism, which has enabled it to build an acknowledged reputation with prime contractors.

Our main activity has for many years been the fitting of exterior and interior joinery, and we have installed interior joinery for a large number of properties in Liége. Having initially concentrated on buildings, the company then began to specialise in rest homes.
The business has most recently added general contracting works using sub-contractors to its list of activities, since it holds all the necessary certifications and classifications in this regard.

Over the years, Diederickx has positioned itself in the public contracts sector by specialising in fire protection and the soundproofing of residential housing near to airports.