General contracting

We work with many partners on major social housing renovation projects in the communes of Flémalle, Ans, Grivegnée, etc., for which we hold all the necessary certifications and classifications.

Our services include:
- central heating installation
- renovation of roofs and sanitary fittings
- replacement of floor coverings
- compliance of electric fittings, etc.

We have established a trusting working relationship with our “partner” companies. The habit of working together and the general atmosphere help create a more comfortable working arrangement and a perfect final result.
Our partners:
Plabemat sprl for structural work, tiling, ceiling installation etc.
Ansafi sa for roof and heating – sanitary work.
Ets sprl for roof work.
Moës Michel sprl for heating – sanitary work.
Stefenatto scrl for all electricity work.
A Bout de Bois sprl for all ventilation work.
Mazza sa for painting work.